Black Tannic Tint for select PP Møbler models

A natural and matte wood finish: black TannicTint

Elegance merges with nature, and the color black takes on a whole new dimension with PP Møbler's latest innovation - TannicTint Black. 

Inspired by the age-old art of ebonizing wood, PP Møbler has developed a deep black surface treatment for wood that is more than just a color; it's a testament to the Danish company's commitment to environmental responsibility and consistent search for essential timeless sophistication.

By harnessing the natural alchemy between tannic acid in oak wood and iron dissolved in vinegar, PP Møbler has achieved a rich, velvety black that leaves the wood's grain beautifully pronounced. The finish is nothing short of exceptional, rivaling conventional painted or lacquered surfaces.

Better for the environment

The process is environmentally friendly, using no synthetic, toxic or petrochemical components, but rather utilizing the natural chemistry of the wood. It respects the very nature from which it derives, ensuring your desired masterpieces remain aesthetically attractive.

The following models are available in TannicTint Black:

  • Chairs: pp68, pp58, pp58/3, pp503, pp501
  • Easy Chairs: pp129, pp124, pp130
  • Benches: pp589
  • Tables: pp85, pp70, pp75
  • Small Tables: pp35
  • Accessories: pp120

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PP Møbler was founded amidst the post World War II flowering of Danish Modern and has become a conservatory of profound knowledge and a wellspring of enthusiasm for design and crafts. All designs are made to order, and their mission is to create beautiful furniture that will be enjoyed and treasured for generations.

"If we care for our materials and each other we can create beautiful things."

Ejnar Pedersen, co-founder of PP Møbler