pp225 limited edition
We are happy to announce that in celebration of PP Møbler's 70 Years Anniversary, it has launched the pp225, the iconic Flag Halyard Chair, in a Limited Jubilee Edition of 70 pieces.
Carpe Diem Beds and holm° will give you the topper for free when ordering one of their box spring beds! Choose among the following toppers and save up to 25% depending on the model of the bed:
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Exclusively for holm° clients: 15% discount extended until September 30th, 2023! 4 MODELs:
Colours of Comfort
This year Montana Furniture is introducing three new poetic colours to the colour palette created in collaboration with colour expert Margrethe Odgaard.
This interview in German with holm° was published in Wohnrevue. Enjoy the read!
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Our suppliers do their best to increase our desire to go to Scandinavia for the summer or at least create our own hygge world in our garden or on our balcony. Please only scroll down if you're already done with your chores for today... Otherwise, you risk not getting them done.
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