A recently rediscovered Finn Juhl watercolor provided the inspiration for the limited anniversary edition commemorating the 75th jubilee of the Chieftain Chair.
Some 90 years ago, Grythyttan Stålmöbler was manufacturing horseshoes. Today, they produce outdoor furniture in a production chain where they strive to constantly reduce their environmental impact. 
Carpe Diem Beds
Carpe Diem Beds and holm° will give you the topper for free when ordering one of their box spring beds! Choose among the following toppers and save up to 25% depending on the model of the bed:
Elegance merges with nature, and the color black takes on a whole new dimension with PP Møbler's latest innovation - TannicTint Black. 
Semlan is a wheat roll filled with an almond paste and whipped cream. In 2024,  the "Fettisdag" falls on 13 February and from then on, semlan will be eaten in Sweden and Finland until Easter.
Louis Poulsen, The Darling
Every year in January, once the festive Christmas lights have disappeared and, in the fall, as it gradually gets darker earlier, our customers express the same wish more and more: "a lamp." This often leads to detailed conversations because finding the ideal lamp is not as simple as it may seem.<
Explore our philosophy and methodology as we engage with clients aiming to articulate their company's distinctiveness, enhance internal processes and communication, and foster a sense of well-being for their patients during practice visits.
pp503 PP Møbler Hans J Wegner
Here's a note to connoisseurs of excuisite craftsmanship and aficionados of Hans J. Wegner timeless designs made by PP Møbler exclusive workshop in Allerød outside Copenhagen.