9 colours - 9 months

9 new colours for the CH24 Soft chair

Carl Hansen & Søn introduces 9 new colours for the CH24 Soft version (matt lacquer) of the wishbone chair. Each month, from March to December a new colour will be launched. The colours have been developed in collaboration with designer Ilse Crawford. 5 of them were already introduced for the limited edition "Masterpieces", which runs until the end of 2022, the others are brand new.

The colours celebrate plants, minerals and the soil that make up the raw beauty of the Nordic landscape, and they work both individually and in interaction with each other. “Colours are so closely related to our emotions and our mood,” Crawford says, “and we believe that these subdued tones will help create a warm, relaxed and natural environment.”

The colour for March is Pewter.
The colour for April is Hollyhock.
The colour for May is Barley.
The colour for July is Seaweed.

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