A converted garage

Turn a former garage into a home with hygge

Object: A 3 1/2-room apartment in a villa from the 1920's.

Client: A long-time customer reached out to us after finally finding a new home with challenging features. Her desire was the seemingly "impossible": to create a retreat with lots of character out of a former garage, one that suited the personality of the inhabitant. The space should provide room for work, relaxation, and entertaining friends. Special attention was also given to the minimal kitchen, located directly next to the entrance door, which needed optimization without sacrificing space and flexibility. We supplemented the kitchen with an elegant and practical kitchen island unit, combined existing furniture from the previous apartment with new pieces, placed characterful rugs, and ensured atmospheric lighting.

Scope: Furnishing of all rooms.

Quote: "Individuals seeking to decorate their home with a Scandinavian/Nordic flair and cultivate a cozy 'hygge' ambiance mustn't overlook Holm. They adeptly grasped and realized my living preferences and requirements during our discussions. By incorporating Danish classics, I not only acquired home furnishings but also infused a touch of Scandinavia and vacation vibes into my living space.


Fotos: Sebastian Stadler