Garden furniture cleaning & maintenance

Teak, plastic

Please always refer to the producer's manual, which is usually included in the furniture delivery.


It is advisable to store garden furniture in an unheated room or on a covered balcony during the winter months. If this is not possible, the furniture should be protected with an appropriate cover, which allows for the circulation of air. Please note, that water drops can develop into a "lens" through which the sunrays might damage the surface of your garden furniture. Hence, aim at removing any remaining water drops after a recent shower or lean your furniture such that these drip off.


Teak is a heavy hardwood with a large proportion of natural oils that makes garden furniture very weather resistant. By using teak oil regularly, the original colour of the wood, which otherwise will turn a silvery grey over time, remains.

Daily cleaning and periodic maintenance

If you maintain you garden furniture with teak oil, you can use a well wrung cloth, which has been immersed in soap water, to clean it. Subsequently, wipe with a dry cloth. If you choose to keep your garden furniture untreated, it is sufficient to clean it once a year with the same method.

The wooden fibres might initially rise slightly after a treatment with soap water has been carried out. If this is the case, sand down with abrasive paper along the wood fibres, i.e. parallel to the grain of the wood. Afterwards, clean again with soap water.


Garden furniture is available in a variety of synthetic materials, which are very weather resistant. Due to intensive sunlight, however, all materials, also those with a UV-protection, will fade over time.

Daily cleaning and periodic maintenance

Despite its weather resistance, plastic garden furniture placed outside is exposed to polluted rainwater, bird droppings, leaves, pollen and berries. Therefore, any stains should be cleaned with a soft brush or sponge and a bit of dishwashing detergent before they become impossible to remove.