Cleaning of marble, granite and other stones

Marble, granite and limestone etc.

Please always refer to the producer's manual, which is usually included in the furniture delivery.


Granite, marble and limestone are natural materials (natural stone) with very diverse colours and structures. There may be sand holes, glass veins and porosities in the surface.


Granite can be cleaned with soap flakes or Stone Wash, which will provide a light protective film on the surface. With regular use, this will make the surface more resistant over time, but never 100% stain resistant. Polished surfaces may develop a silk matt surface over time.

Cleaning with soap flaked:

1. Dissolve 2-3 table spoons fine soap flakes in one litre of hot water and mix until a rich foam has developed.

2. Apply the foam with a soft brush (for rough surfaces) or a lint-free cloth (for polished surfaces).

3. Leave for five minutes, without letting it dry in completely, so that as much soap is absorbed as possible.

4. Subsequently, dry off with a damp, clean and well-wrought out, lint-free cloth.

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  • If red wine spills onto flint rolled marble, dampen the stain with water and add scouring powder on top of the stain. Wait until the scouring powder has absorbed the stain. Repeat the treatment if needed. Subsequently, clean the stain with water and treat with Stone Wash. There is, however, not guarantee that the stain will disappear completely.
  • If red wine spills onto polished surfaces, treat the surface carefully with little chlorine and subsequently with Stone Wash. Again, there is no guarantee that the stain will disappear completely.


  • Natural stone is very sensitive to acid. If, for example, there is lemon juice on the surface, act immediately and use Stone Wash directly.