Grannas Anders Olsson

was the oldest of 9 children and at an early age learned how to take responsibility and help make the family's living. In 1920, when he was 24 yeas old, he received a large order and in his family's bakery he started to produce black and white spotted wooden horses standing on a plate with wheels. In 1922 he turned to producing Dala horses and in the same year the company was established.

Description : 

The production of Dala horses today is a peculiar mixture of a genuine hand craft and series production. In 1939 just over 20,000 Dala horses were produced –nowadays approximately 100,000 are produced each year, with only a couple of planers and three band saws in the machine park. Visitors are surprised when they see the production volume the company has in comparison to the number of machines and how much hand work is put into the making of each horse. Every Dalahorse has a "double" uniqueness - we can identify the carver and the painter! Grannas A Olsson is still a family company today, run by the third generation with a fourth generation among the employees.


Producer: Grannas A. Olsson

Product details : 

Carved, untreated pinewood,

Large: 25 cm
Small: 15 cm


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