Cleaning textile upholstered furniture

Upholstered furniture

Please always refer to the producer's manual, which is usually included in the furniture delivery.


Textile upholstery is more or less sensitive to exposure to light and stains. Therefore, avoid direct sunshine and always remove stains immediately.


Regular cleaning and care of upholstered furniture is important to maintain the look and prolong the life time of your upholstery. Dust and dirt may, over time, discolour and wear out textile covers. In addition, this will lead to an inferior interior climate. We recommend vacuuming upholstered furniture often - by using the appropriate suction power - at least once a week.

If your piece of furniture has loose cushions, we recommend exchanging them among each other from time to time, to ensure equal usage. Cushions with down filling should regularly be shaken out to spread out the down filling equally and to support the form retention of the cushion.

Stain removal

In case there are stains on your textile covers, please remove them immediately.

  • Viscous or solid stains (for example candle wax or chewing gum) should be removed by carefully scraping with a blunt knife or spatula.
  • Vacuum dried up stains with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Spilled liquids should at first be absorbed with a clean, absorbing cloth, before moving on to further treatments.
  • Fatty stains should initially be removed by carefully dabbing with a sponge or a clean, lint-free cloth that has been dipped in warm water and wrung out. Always work from the edge of the stain towards the middle. Subsequently, treat the stain with an appropriate stain remover.


  • We recommend testing the chosen stain remover on a less visible place on the upholstery before treating the stain.
  • Do not apply the stain remover too hard, since it may damage the top layer or the foam interior.
  • To avoid discolouring and felting of the microfibers in textile fabrics, we recommend dryig them with a hair drier after cleaning. 
  • It's important that the fabric is completely dry before being taken into use.
  • Please be very careful when using solvents, since these may destroy the upholstery material underneath the covers.
  • Never use any non-diluted stain removals, bleaches, ammonia or soap, which are meant for solid surfaces.

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