Wishbone chair + CH327 table

Wegner's CH327 table designed for his Wishbone chair

Hans J. Wegner's probably most well-known chair from Carl Hansen & Søn is the CH24, also know as the Wishbone chair. The chair was designed already in 1950 and in 1962, he introduced the table for his masterpiece: the CH327, a massive wooden table with a seamingly floating table top. The model is availabe in two sizes (95 x 195 and 95 x 248 cm) with optional extension leaves.

A Danish design icon
The Wishbone chair is a Danish icon, widely featured in interior magazines and a coveted piece for design addicts, which you will see if you have a look at our Pinterest page (search for Whishbone chair).

Care and maintenance
We show the table in soaped oak - in Scandinavia a traditionally popular and easy to care for material and surface. Find out how to best take care of your soaped table here:

The brochure from Carl Hansen & Søn gives further information regarding care and maintenance.

Inspiration and consultation
Our newsletters on the topic "Eat", our inspirational references as well as our Pinterest page "Eat" all offer more inspiration for your dining room or kitchen. If you'd like to benefit from our interior consultations, please contact us and we'll set up an appointment to get one step closer to your dream interior.

CH327 dining table