Luca Nichetto - Offecct

We have a new chair at holm°. And what a chair! Luca Nichetto is said to have been inspired by Björk’s video “All Is Full Of Love” from 1999. Luca Nichetto says: “I find the idea that a robot could become a living being really exciting, and so I imagined what would happen if the same principle were applied to the design of a chair. The goal was to create an object that respected the environment by playing with a design comprised of separate pieces so that the chair could be transported in a small box. My vision became reality when I translated the forms of a ‘humanized’ robot into a chair, placing particular emphasis on the shapes of the robot’s ‘limbs’. The project couldn’t have been called anything other than Robo.”

When shipped, the disassembled components of the chair fit in a box measuring only 50 x 50 x 20 cm, a fact which reflects OFFECCT’s principles regarding environmentally friendly design. Even the choice of materials, from the plywood and compressed textile made of recycled plastic bottles to the glue, further underscores the company’s desire to respect the environment. This is truly a chair for the 21st century! Price from CHF 950.

Robo - Luca Nichetto - Offecct